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Lousie Camby - Voiceover Artist


Louise is a Creative Producer and Voice Over Artist with a portfolio of projects, which utilize her Business Development, Presenting, Sales and organization skills.

Louise has produced and is now regularly running ‘Presentation Skills Workshops’ for business people to help them overcome the fear of speaking in public, improve their technique and create more engaging presentations.

Louise has a naturally deep voice and provides top quality audio recordings at affordable prices for Corporate CD’s & DVD’s, Website Videos & Telephone recordings. Louise creates image slideshows with audio to produce 30, 60 or 90 second videos to help promote your business. Louise also presents to camera reading from an autocue when required. For more information and samples of Louise’s work please visit www.voice-productions.co.uk.

Louise is the Business Development Director of a Social Enterprise called BRAVO which produces high quality, fun and diverse community and business events and injects surplus funds back into the community through supporting local cultural projects. The annual community concert event is Choiroke – for more information please visit www.Choiroke.org.uk. BRAVO also runs various business networking events. For more information please visit www.bravobizevents.co.uk

Louise has created a product called Strupz, which is a jean stirrup, which clips to the bottom of jeans to form a stirrup and keep them retained neatly inside boots when wearing boots over the top of your jean legs. She has successfully brought this to market and it is available in various retail stores across the UK. For more information please visit www.strupz.co.uk or follow Twitter: @Strupz or find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/Strupz

Louise is involved in a project to relocate a Concorde aircraft to a central display complex in London. For more information visit www.clubconcorde.co.uk or follow @Club_Concorde or find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/TheClubConcorde

Louise is the granddaughter of the prolific composer and arranger Johnny Douglas who wrote the music to the 1971 film ‘The Railway Children’ along with many others. Louise is involved in the family music business and record label keeping her Grandfather’s legacy alive. For more information please visit www.dulcimarecords.com or follow @dulcimarecords of find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/JohnnyDouglasTribute

In her spare time Louise is building a residual income business with Forever Living, using and promoting their Aloe Vera products to improve health and wellbeing and give her the energy to keep all her projects going!!. http://www.aloehealing.co.uk

Twitter: @Louisecamby


Presenter and Business Development


Creative producer & Voice Over Artist

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